Magic Works Series 1

Magic Works Series 1

Magic in toy stores have always been boxes of tricks, quantity over quality. 100 or more “tricks” – a few good and the rest bad tricks. I convinced Milton Bradley on the idea to focus on one great trick rather than quantity. Series 1 were all Tenyo tricks, who I recruited to be part of the project. I also worked with other Magic Inventors to help me invent tricks for future series.



Milton Bradley, a leading American toy maker, began in 1993 licensed sales of Tenyo products under the “Magic Works” brandname. Advertised nationwide on television, these products soon became bestsellers in the U.S. market. Soon thereafter, Milton Bradley’s parent company, Hasbro, undertook to market the line throughout the world. Mark Setteducati created the idea of Magic Works. Below, you will find a side by side comparison of the MB version and the original Tenyo version.