The Magic Show Book

The Magic Show Book

Since 1976 I have sent out Christmas cards that I create. I always try to make them some kind of trick or illusion. It is the ultimate challenge to create a magic trick that can fool a person with just cardboard and without the Magician being there to perform it; completely self-performing! This book, published in 1999, was based on my Christmas cards.

The first-ever self-performing book of illusion, The Magic Show is unlike any other book of magic ever published–it actually does the tricks and illusions. The reader is the audience , and the audience will be wonderstruck.

How can a book read your mind? Or carry out a complicated sleight of hand that will leave you utterly astounded? Created by two magic inventors (one a practicing magician and the other a magic-trick designer), and featuring state-of-the-art paper engineering and printing, The Magic Show features 12 no-fail interactive tricks. Pick a card, any card, and the book will accurately guess it every time. Spin the wheel and watch brilliant spheres mysteriously change colors. There’s the Devious Dominoes, the Six Sorcerers, the Artful Aces. Illustrated with four-color mixed media art, The Magic Show is as exhilarating as sitting front row at a real performance. But with one huge advantage–a convenient “reset” book that’s tucked into the last page allows you, the reader, to reset each trick with or without learning the secrets of the illusions.